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HON 171: The Human Event I (link) or (older Barrett pdf)

HON 272: The Human Event II (link)

HON 273: The Human Event II: Science Focus (link)

NB: I have also created a multi-part tutorial on Honors Seminars called “Mastering the Human Event”–check it out!

Three-Credit Upper Division Seminars

HON 394: Tolkien, Rowling and the Tradition of Fantasy Literature (link)

HON 394: Evolution and the Monotheistic Traditions: Perspectives, Interpretations, Interactions (link)

HON 394: The Technological Society (link)

One-Credit Upper Division Seminars

HON 394: Literary and Cultural Perspectives on Harry Potter (link)

HON 394: Literary and Historical Perspectives on The Hunger Games (link)

HON 394: Twentieth-Century Literature of the American South (link)

HON 394: Anarchism: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (link)