Medieval Texts

Core medieval texts for the period starting with ca 300 CE to ca 1600.

Author (or attribution)
The Consolation of PhilosophyBoethius524
QuranMuhammadca 632
Beowulfanonca 700 – 1000
PoetryRabi’aca 750 – 800
Poetic Eddasanonca 1000 – 1250
A History of My CalamatiesAbelardca 1132
Letters of Heloise and AbelardHeloiseca 1132-40
Didascalion [On the Study of Reading]Hugh of St Victorca 1135-40
Liber Divinorum OperumHildegard of Bingenca 1167
PoetryRumica 1250
Summa TheologicaAquinas1265-1274
Opus MajusBacon (Roger)1267
Comedia (Inferno)Danteca 1308
The Cloud of Unknowinganonca 1350 – 1400
The Canterbury TalesChaucer1475
Oration on the Dignity of ManPico1486
95 ThesesLuther1517
Of Free WillErasmus1524
The Bondage of the WillLuther1525
 De RevolutionibusCopernicus1543
Preface to De RevolutionibusOsiander1543
Dark Night of the SoulSt John of the Cross1578-9
 Richard IIIShakespeare1592
Don QuixoteCervantes1605
“Death Be Not Proud”Donne1610


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