Core Texts

Van-Gogh-yellow-books-300pxOn this page I will catalog all of my reading and discussion guides for core texts you may encounter in your Liberal Arts, History, Philosophy, Literature, Classics, Religion, or Interdisciplinary Studies courses. These are guides in a very narrow sense of the term. I am making no attempt to duplicate any of the excellent synopses and summaries readily available on the interwebs. If you’ve been through my Honors Seminar tutorial, you know I take it for granted that you will do such authorial, textual, historical, and cultural background research as part of good preparation habits. Instead, my guides will give you short descriptions of what I have found to be the most fruitful topics to explore in class discussions and writing assignments as well as the least helpful topics to avoid within a given text.

I will categorize the texts chronologically rather than thematically. I have grouped them according to the following time periods:

Early: Beginnings to ~300CE

Medieval: 300CE to ~1600

Modern: 1600 to ~1920

Contemporary: 1920 to the present

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