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Welcome to Dr Joel B Hunter’s Website!

  • If you’re a student, have you ever been intimidated by having to speak in a class discussion? Or unsure of how to “get” the reading? Or lost in the thickets of writing an essay?
  • If you’re a high school student–or the parent of a high school student–do you believe that an Honors program or college might be for you (or your child), but aren’t quite sure?
  • If you’re a teacher, do you wish you had a mentor to give you simple, practical advice about your pedagogy, course design, and professional development?

Dr Hunter created this blog because he’s been that student and that teacher, too. And he’s met many students who had believed (or had been told) that Honors education was probably not for them.

His passion is to instruct and encourage students to reach beyond what they’ve been told is their academic ceiling. Dr Hunter is your “Online Mentor for Honors Education” because he believes that ANY motivated student can get into and succeed in an Honors program or college and he knows how to help them do it.

He wants to help all students succeed in their most challenging humanities, liberal arts, or interdisciplinary courses. In his posts you’ll find guidance, tips, and tools for better reading, writing, and critical thinking. He often writes about questions and problems that his students have, but are sometimes afraid to ask.

Dr Joel B Hunter is a teacher specializing in humanistic and interdisciplinary education. He has particular expertise in setting up and running discussion seminars in a Socratic style, teaching critical thinking skills, and fostering writing excellence in argumentative essays and theses. He’s been the beneficiary of excellent peer mentoring and is eager to share what he’s learned with all of his teacher colleagues.

On this site you will find information about courses he’s taught and his publications. You can also take his comprehensive tutorial about how to succeed in the Honors College.

You can check out all of Dr Hunter’s teaching and research materials on his site. You are also welcome to connect with him on his Facebook page.

Dr Joel B Hunter has won university awards for teaching excellence, exceptional academic service, and recognition for faculty mentoring by his colleagues. He also served as the Director of the Barrett Honors College Writing Center in 2013-14.

His scholarly area is in Philosophy. (CV)

In his former life, Dr Hunter was an electrical engineer and worked in environmental consulting (resume). He designed and built systems like this to clean up hazardous compounds at contaminated sites all over the country:

Typical example of a system Joel B Hunter designed, fabricated, installed, and operated to cleanup soil and groundwater contamination

Joel B Hunter, environmental engineer, installing 10 gpm sump pumpsAs you can see, he enjoyed getting his hands dirty and turning a wrench every now and then…


Dr Hunter has loads of other personal interests, from homebrewing to creative writing, cooking (especially baking), and tinkering with mechanical and electrical stuff, sometimes even fixing them.

And last, but certainly not least, Dr Hunter is frightfully enthusiastic about fantasy literature, especially the Harry Potter saga, Lord of the Rings, and many other authors and popular series. You can find his posts and pages devoted to all things literary at Hogwarts Prep.

Dr Joel Hunter shows gift from his Hunger Games students